Health is our most important asset. Including for businesses.


You have built a business. You assume responsibility – for your employees, customers, suppliers and partners. But being an entrepreneur comes with its own risks to which nobody is immune. With us at your side, you will master challenging situations. In time and to lasting effect.

Business is developing poorly, revenues are falling short, perhaps losses are even being incurred. In cases like these, short-term measures simply don't cut it. This calls for a comprehensive restructuring to get your company back on firm footing. An in-depth analysis is the first step toward accomplishing this goal. Our experienced employees scrutinise processes, establish causes and identify weaknesses. Based on this analysis, we develop concepts to get your company fit for the future.

Often, recapitalisation is about generating additional funds to invest in new facilities or equipment, or to otherwise develop the company. We assist you in procuring funds to restore your ability to act.

A bankruptcy often destroys considerable value. An orderly liquidation creates a jumping-off point to rebuild the company. Individual parts of the company can continue seamlessly following administration proceedings or a voluntary liquidation, benefiting all parties.

We can do all of this for you, and more

  • Provide a comprehensive overview based on a detailed analysis of the current situation
  • Negotiate with creditors and financial institutions
  • Contact potential investors or buyers of parts of the company
  • Temporarily assume responsibility for projects or operative management
  • Plan and carry out voluntary liquidations as well as administration proceedings in and out of court
  • Assume the role of trustee or liquidator