succession planning

Whether you are grooming a successor, selling the company or want to acquire another, this is a transaction that demands precision planning. We advise you on this milestone, making sure you will be delighted about the result.

strategic consulting for SME

Entrepreneurs know their industry and their area. They are experts at what they do. Coaches with specific qualifications, such as financial, legal or market expertise, constitute a vital addition. We cultivate and challenge entrepreneurs in strategic areas and advise them in their preferred fields.

procuring funds

Enterprises need funds to keep developing, whether it's to build a start-up, invest or plan an extension. By preparing conclusive decision-making criteria for banks, investors or future partners, we lay the foundation to achieve this.

tax accounting

Taxes affect many areas and affect a wide range of divisions within a company. Forward-looking planning prevents administrative work and unnecessary additional expenditure. We assist you with all types of taxes to obtain optimum results.


Key ingredients in your recipe for success are having the right products, services and optimised processes. But a business also needs to ensure that those components are well-matched and can survive change. Controlling supplies this information.

interim management

To be successful, you need to establish clear priorities. Outsourcing management-level tasks can be invaluable in certain situations. By providing you with temporary assistance with operations, you gain valuable time and energy. You can safely deal with essential matters, knowing your company will continue to run smoothly.

restructuring and reorganisation

Even well-established companies with a long history are unable to rest on their laurels. Dynamic markets demand continuous development. We help you to engage the future by reviewing the current situation and assisting as you adapt your organisation.



You have built a business. You assume responsibility – for your employees, customers, suppliers and partners. But being an entrepreneur comes with its own risks to which nobody is immune. With us at your side, you will master challenging situations. In time and to lasting effect.